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Hello dear readers and clients–its so nice to be here with you on my first Blog.  I am no tech-no-bunny (though I have the costume) the fact is–I just want to connect, share and get to know what you (the parent/agent/event planner) are looking for when you’re hiring a Children’s Entertainer for your kids birthday party or  Festival.  And–including other kinds of entertainment for a special occasion. Also, I’d like to let you know a little more about me personally and professionally.

Beyond the basics of the–magic show, balloon twisting and face painting–what would you like to see? What do you want everyone in the room to experience, from the entrance to the end of the performance?  Tons of FUN of course!  And as much LAUGHTER from beginning to end–okay, well that’s guaranteed!  I know, I know everyone says that–but its got to be real and authentic–cause kids can smell boloney a mile away.

Now, a little bit more about my experience. I have been an entertainer and performer for over 20 years and  loving it!  This was so meant to be, as it completely fits my quirky personality. When you call for a booking or more info–you will hear the joy and excitement that goes into every show. Ask away–because my work is play!  I welcome your comments and suggestions, ideas and photos when you feel like it.

Although the STORY TELLING page is in progress, I would like to share a rhyming riddle (from my POEARTREE collection) with you and your kids– enjoy it–and thank you for joining me in this present moment.



I am always there, when you need me, even though you can’t see me.

I help you with your problems, your school work , your art and singing,

I’m there when you listen–I’m there whe you reading.

We create and invent things together in your mind,

I am with you all the time.

I’m in everything you do, from morning to night.

We are never out of each other’s sight.

I am your best friend–

What am I?



By Gina Marie Frazier
copyright © 2009













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